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Trivia Challenge: How Well Do You Know Aikens?

Date Mar. 30, 2018

Are you ready for a challenge? Test your Aikens knowledge by taking our ultimate Aikens trivia quiz below. Julie and Pit brainstormed a variety of questions to test your knowledge and to share interesting and fun factoids about the lodge...

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The Biggest Fish of 2017

Date Feb. 26, 2018

“God grant that I may catch a fish So big that even I When speaking of it afterwards Will have no need to lie” -Anonymous The angler’s prayer was answered for many at Aikens Lake in 2017,...

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You Call the Cast

Date Jan. 10, 2018

Editor’s Note: Outdoor journalist Tony Capecchi has launched a new article series, “You Call the Cast," and this edition features Aikens Lake. Here's the article. You Call the Cast: What Would YOU Do? By: Tony Capecchi ...

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