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2008: A year to remember!

Jan. 04, 2009


 Thanks for the great year!

Our Fleet of LundsFishing in the morning fogOn behalf of everyone involved in the "Aikens Experience", we wish you the very best in the New Year!  With the holiday season wrapping up, we'd like to take this occasion to thank you all for being a part of what made 2008 a year to remember. In 2008, we celebrated our 60th anniversary of operation, making Aikens Lake Wilderness Lodge one of the longest-standing tourism destinations in Manitoba! Since 1948, when Mr. Carlson originally opened the lodge for business, we've worked extensively to better the services and product each of our clients enjoy at the lake. And that is why each season is our best one yet! With Christmas in the air; Pit, Julie, Annika and Martin opened their home to the "Aikens Family" which includes staff and volunteers of 2008 for a Your hosts: The Turenne Familyyear-end shindig. With standing room only, dozens upon dozens of happy Aikens fellowship members bid each other a wonderful holiday season. The party, true to form, lasted till the wee hours of the night and our transportation was graciously provided by our friend at Ô Tours. Some great door prizes were handed out, and our camp engineer Léo Nolette was the big winner scooping up three gifts!  Some of our staff returned to Winnipeg after spending a few months studying abroad to reunite with familiar faces and, of course family. Thank you to the Turenne family for having us and for such a great evening. One spoon to rule them all!In 2008, the expanded guide crew (now ten full-time guides) probed new waters and angled new catches to further the already extensive Guide's Playbook. With their Lund Alaskan boats and unique Aikens savvy, they aptly showed hundreds of outdoorsmen (and women) the bounties of Aikens. Whether it was jigging up countless schools of hungry Walleyes, trolling deep for  big Lakers or launching big hand-tied flies for monster Pike, the summer provided numerous memorable trophies. We were very proud to host a few large events last year. Notably, we hosted a large contingent of Ron Ball - Chairman of the Prairie Toyota Dealers Advertising Associationrepresentatives fromEveryone from “Call of the Tundra” along with our great staff the Komatsu Corporation. Their first visit to Aikens proved to be quite special. Great fishing and camaraderie made their trip one to remember. Who could forget Lightning-Fingers Ronnie tickling the ivories in Big Molly's bar each night of their stay? Also, the "Call of the Tundra" promotion by Toyota's Prairie dealerships was a resounding success. As many of you have already witnessed on the DVD copy we sent you, the tournament format was a perfect fit for Aikens. That being said, we are very happy to announce that we are hosting this event again in 2009! (Keep your eye on the newsletter for tournament dates). A beautiful Nite BiteLéo and Gabe show off the wood boilerAikens Lake Wilderness Lodge is always trying to minimize the environmental impact it has on our pristine surroundings. Our new wood-fired hot water system (which feeds the entire peninsula) reduced our consumption of propane to virtually nil. New recycling procedures and and plans for alternative power generation will further our "green" mantra, thus ensuring a healthy eco-setting for years to come. Lately, the office has been abuzz with phone calls, mail-outs and planning for the sportshow season.  Next week we kick off our tour to numerous cities all over North America! Here is a listing of our shows:

 2009 Sportshow Dates 

-Kansas City: Jan.7-11 (Gerry & Denis) @ H.Roe Bartle Hall *booth #431* -Chicago: Jan.8-11 (Pat&Janelle) @ Pheasant Run Resort Mega Center A Sportshow Pike Fly (by Pat) -Denver: Jan.22-25 (Pat&Janelle) @ Colorado Convention Center *booth #2400* -Calgary: Feb.12-15 (Pat&Janelle) @ Roundup Center -Phoenix: Feb.27-Mar.1 (Pit&Julie) @ Cardinals Stadium (Glendale) -Montreal: Feb.26-Mar.1 (Gerry&Pat) @ Place Bonaventure -Minneapolis: Mar.12-15 (Pit,Julie&Pat) @ Minneapolis Convention Center *booth #1154 -Toronto: Mar.18-22 (Pat&Janelle) @ Natl. Trade Center,Exhibition Place *booth #908 Aikens would like to thank all of its guests and staff for their presence at the lodge in 2008. We hope your time at the lodge was as memorable for you as it was for us. We anticipate yet another great year for 2009. Despite the economic woes, theMouth-watering shorelunch operation schedule is already forming up for next summer. Our season which runs from May to September has been  booking steadily. It seems that the allure of relaxing and going fishing is the perfect remedy to escape from one's demanding schedule. If you're looking for a way to unwind and enjoy a truly a world-class fishing adventure or are planning a return trip to our notable establishment, please don't hesitate to let us know.  Also, if we'll be in your neck of the woods during our sportshow circuit, we'd be happy to purchase tickets for your admission (just drop us a line). Again, we send you, our readers,our best for 2009 and we'll be sure to save a seat for you in a Lund this summer!

A view of the dock at sunriseAikens in the mistSee you in 2009!

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