Species of Fish

The big three


Walleye (also known as pickerel in Canada) is the main species found at Aikens Lake. Its trophy size is 28" which is approx. 7-8 lbs in our region and the lake record is 33". Aikens Lake is one of the best places when it comes to walleye fishing in Canada.

​The white, flaky meat of the walleye makes it the most sought after shorelunch fish in the north. This species likes to school up, so once you've caught one, the others aren't far away. You could call Aikens a Jumbo Walleye Factory!

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Northern Pike

Aikens offers excellent northern pike fishing. Also known as jack or jackfish in Canada, this is one of the most ferocious freshwater fish. They will devour baits and make your drag scream.

​Their sleek bodies enable them to cut through the water at incredible speed. They are the only fish at Aikens that will jump out of the water in an effort to spit a hook. Once in the boat, Pike have been known to flip over tackle boxes, break rods, and wreak havoc.... and curse the day they should get a hold of your fingers in their incredibly toothy mouths. Pike have a bad reputation as slimy critters (with such nicknames as "snakes", "hammerhandles", "Snot Rockets"), but their appeal at shorelunch should not be underestimated. When properly filleted by removing the vaunted Y-bone, their orange meat seals in spices like no other. Pike can grow to 50 inches at Aikens and the fight they put up is out of this world.

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Lake Trout

Our lake trout fishing is amongst the best. Lake trout are the biggest predators in Aikens Lake. Although the lake record is 43.5" (45 lbs), there are sure to be much bigger fish in the depths.

​ Lake Trout also offer what is in our opinion the best fight of any fish at Aikens. We prefer jigging for Lake Trout, using much lighter tackle (a medium-action spinning rod with 10 pound test) than the traditional heavy trolling equipment. This allows the average 6-7 pounder to make your wrists sore for days to come. Their flesh is a lot oilier than Pike or Walleye, which makes it unsuitable to fry at shorelunch. On the other hand, baked lake trout is a delicacy. When wrapped in foil and filled with butter, garlic herb, onions, lemons, cilantro, and other spices, lakers offer a special taste which cannot be duplicated.

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Other Species


​This delicate but hard fighting silver ghost offers a great challenge to anglers at Aikens Lake. Their tiny soft mouth makes them difficult to land, but many trophy sized whitefish are caught on small jigs tipped with a shiner minnow, on a fly or trolling small bait fish lures. 

​We are convinced that a new Manitoba record whitefish will be caught at Aikens Lake in the not too distant future. Whitefish are not very sought after for shorelunch purposes, but smoked whitefish as a hors d'oeuvre is quite delicious. We do have a smoker at Aikens... and we're not afraid to use it!

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Yellow Perch

​Very common throughout Canada and the USA, it is not the fighting fish that anglers dream of. 

​However, that doesn't mean that Perch fishing isn't fun. When a school is found, bobbers will keep disappearing endlessly. They are a great species for teaching young ones to fish. The non-stop action keeps kids laughing and giggling all day long. The trophy size on perch is 13", and the average one is about 8-9". This makes them more laborious to eat at shorelunch, but once all the work is finished, their meat rivals that of the walleye.

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​Known as the freshwater cod, Burbot are by far the ugliest and dumbest fish in Aikens. The Burbot combines the body of an eel with the head of a catfish. 

​Their flattering nicknames include "eelpout", "lawyerfish", and "mariah". However, don't get us wrong, they are fun to fish for... but you have to be in a silly mood. Most Burbot are caught fishing for Lake Trout, but some of our braver staff and guests have braved to dark skies to hit the Burbot at their peak... total lack of light. Talk to a few or our guides, and they might be convinced on allowing you to sit in on this very unique experience. Their meat is quite good when it is boiled and dipped in garlic butter. Some people would call it poor man's lobster.... It's up to you.

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