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The Province of Manitoba, through its provincial tourism department called Travel Manitoba, recognizes anglers catching trophy fish through a unique program. The Manitoba Master Angler Program forwards special certificates, patches and badges to all anglers registering their trophy fish.

Trophy Fish Sizes

Trophy sizes are defined by the province of Manitoba


71 centimetres / 28 inches
(approximately 7 to 8 pounds)

Northern Pike

105 centimetres / 41 inches
(approximately 18 to 20 pounds)

Lake Trout

90 centimetres / 35 inches
(approximately 20 pounds)

Yellow Perch

33 centimetres / 13 inches


55 centimetres / 22 inches


75 centimetres / 30 inches


45 centimetres / 18 inches

Learn more about these species.

Fish Species


The province's Master Angler program comes with it's rewards.

Master Anglers that are caught and released at Aikens Lake are registered in the provincial Master Angler Program, which is administered by Travel Manitoba. A pin and certificate are sent to each qualifying angler. An angler earns a bronze medallion with his or her first trophy catch. After they have caught at least one trophy in five different species, they receive a silver medallion. The gold, or "grandmaster", is received after ten different species of trophy fish are caught. As well, an angler can receive specialist badges for each species like the one on the right. Specialist badges are given after the 5th trophy of a particular species.

Walleye Specialist Master Angler's Club

Aikens Lake Honour

We have our own in-house recognition for Master Anglers.

During our nightly dinner presentations, we present each Master Angler with an 8x10 photo of their catch and a personalized "Master Angler's Club" mug (not available for purchase — they must be earned!). We also update our Facebook page daily with the day's catches, and showcase all our trophy fish in the Master Angler Database, which you can search above. For the lucky anglers that catch five trophy walleyes during their Aikens careers, we present to them a personalized blue Tournament Series St-Croix Legend jigging rod (valued at $250) so they can continue to reel in those big ones in style!

Each Master Angler qualifier is entered to win a FREE trip to Aikens Lake Wilderness Lodge for the next season!

Trip number five and once again Aikens Lake out did itself. I thought it impossible for this wonderful place to get any better.

—Kris King,
NHL Senior VP of Hockey Operations, 14 year NHL player and captain, and Aikens Lake Honorary Pro Staff Guide

From the accommodations, to the staff and especially shore lunch, the entire experience at Aikens Lake is unmatched.

—Dan Quayle,
Former United States Vice-President

The photos are amazing and like the memories, they will last a lifetime.

—Boomer Esiason,
Former NFL MVP Quarterback, TV Commentator, and Founder of the Boomer Esiason Foundation (against cystic fibrosis)