Are you contemplating a fishing trip this summer? Here are our top reasons why you should choose Aikens Lake as your premier fishing destination

Location, location, location!

We are situated only two hours from Winnipeg, in the pristine boreal forest on the east side of Lake Winnipeg. Aikens Lake is part of the Atikaki Provincial Park- a proposed Unesco World Heritage Site. We are so close to Winnipeg that anyone in North America can be on our dock by 5pm the day they travel! Whether you are looking for local fishing in Manitoba, great spots for fly in fishing in Canada, or trying to find one of the best fishing locations on the planet, you won’t go wrong with Aikens Lake.

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A little slice of paradise…

Aikens features deluxe modern chalets with unlimited ecological hot water. All of the luxurious cabins have a beautiful view of the lake so that you never miss a famous Aikens Lake sunset. Located at the south end of Atikaki Provincial Wilderness Park, this unspoiled wilderness lake is graced with spectacular Precambrian rock formations, beautiful sand beaches and dozens of islands surrounded by pine forests, making this one of the most beautiful locations for fly in fishing in Canada. For total relaxation, nothing compares to the rejuvenating retreat at our secluded paradise. Bring your camera! Master Angler fish will not be your only photo opportunity. Year after year, numerous moose, black bear, otters, beavers, bald eagles along with countless birds and smaller animals are photographed regularly at Aikens Lake, while reclusive timber wolves and woodland caribou provide rare opportunities for avid camera and video buffs. Your fishing guide is also equipped with a camera to document your whole trip. At the end of your stay, a personalized keepsake photo USB stick will be handed out to each member of your party so that your memories can be treasured forever!

Canada Fly in Fishing TripsCanada Fly in Fishing Trips

Atikaki Provincial Park was created in 1987 in an effort to preserve the Woodland Caribou. In fact, Atikaki is directly adjacent to Ontario's Woodland Caribou Provincial Park, and less than 50 miles from Red Lake, Ont. Part of Atikaki's mission is to promote eco-tourism, making it a perfect location for fly in fishing in Canada. The Bloodvein River is one of the most scenic canoeing adventures in the province. The Gammon River, which flows into and out of Aikens Lake, eventually connects to the Bloodvein River.

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As you already know, Aikens Lake offers the best trophy walleye fishing in Manitoba. We also have some of the finest scenery. The following are some of our favorite pictures. If you would like to add to our gallery, please contact us and we will be happy to add your pictures.

When the lodge was built in 1948, they weren't the first to have traveled through the area. Natives had been paddling these rivers for hundreds of years already. The lithographs were discovered in 1995 by our friend Lorna Hiebert. Although we do not know their meaning, it is possible to make out some of the representations. There is a canoe full of people on the top, a person on the left holding hands with another that is now under the black lichen, and a wolf on the far right. Also, if you are lucky enough, you might find an arrowhead or spearhead. During low water years, it's sometimes possible to find a new one of these on the sandy shores around the lake.

If you are looking for scenic Canada Fly in Fishing Trips, you can’t do much better than Aikens Lake!

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Trophy Fishing

Aikens provides some of the best fishing in Manitoba and the rest of North America. It is a world-class destination for trophy northern pike, lake trout, and walleye fishing. It is also Manitoba's second deepest lake, just shy of 300 ft.
Aikens Lake provides one of the best Canada Fly in Fishing Trips for those looking for trophy fish!

Master AnglerMaster AnglerMaster Angler

Come and see why the Aikens Experience is the best in the business!

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Our guide really listened to what we wanted to do and tailored our day specifically to us. To me, the shorelunch was the highlight of each day. The shorelunch sites are set-up so well in very scenic spots. You can watch the Aikens videos and read the website about the fancy cabins, and the food, and how great the fishing and the service is, but one thing you can't really appreciate until you're here is how beautiful it all is.

—Paul Capecchi,
Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota

I’m an amateur rank fisherman and I caught a ton of fish, including a Master Angler pike. That’s what makes Aikens Lake so great, you can get guys like me that really don’t know what they’re doing, and you start to believe that you might.

—John MacDonald,
Minneapolis, Minnesota

My husband and my dad had always talked about going to Canada or Alaska, so when I got the idea to give them a fishing trip as a surprise gift I did about six months of research. Once I talked with Pit, I was sold. It was really a surprise to them. They were so excited, and they just had a wonderful time at Aikens. They enjoyed their dream trip, and I don’t think it will be their last time to Aikens.

—Debbie Nutter,
Elizabeth, Colorado

Pit and his team have done a wonderful job of putting together the perfect gem of an outpost camp. We love going to the Lost Lake outpost because it provides you the seclusion and serenity without comprising the nice luxury-type components.

—Scot Woolley,
Minnetonka, Minnesota

The Four Seasons of fishing lodges. What's truly impressive is that ownership is constantly improving the experience. Every year you arrive and notice improvements. I'm just back from our trip to Aikens with my son. In the last 15 months he's been to Copenhagen, Berlin, Estonia, St. Petersburg, Helsinki, Stockholm, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, China, Venice, Croatia, Greece and Turkey – but said this was his favorite trip ever. He slept with his Aikens hat on last night!

—Greg Borca,
Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin

Those young staff members make me realize that our future is in good hands. Every one of them are class act young people, such a joy to associate with when you see what is going on across the land. Thanks again for the great hospitality from you and ALL of the staff.

—Jeff Hall,
North Little Rock, Arkansas

Truly an experience you'll want to relive over and over. This father-son-grandpa trip went from being a once in a lifetime experience, to an annual fishing trip! See you next summer!

—Mark L.,
Winnipeg, Canada

Aikens is the perfect place for a family trip. The cabins are the best we’ve ever been in, the lodge is beautiful, and of course Pit and Julie are wonderful hosts.

—Jim Deleeuw,
Wisconsin President Organization, Group Leader

My husband and I never go back to the same place twice, but we loved it so much at Aikens we knew by the end of our first week we’d be back. It’s just how well they take care of you there. They make you feel like you’re part of the family.

—Denise Kozlowski,
Lake Oswego, Oregon

I’ve taken many large groups to Aikens and I always tell people beforehand how incredible the service is at Aikens. Every person has said to me at the end of the trip, “We believed you before, but I just can’t believe how good they treat you here!” One time Pit and Julie didn’t have the type of alcohol on-hand one of our guests was drinking, so they sent a plane out and got it.

—Ron Ball,
Westman Dreams for Kids

I call it a 5-star hotel in the wilderness. It’s the neatest place we’ve ever been, it’s like fantasy island.

—Joe Harrington,
Monticello, Arkansas

Each year we go somewhere as a family. We’ve been to Hawaii, Disney and many other places, but Aikens was one of the best trips we’ve ever had. Our trip was terrific, and my grandson loved every minute of it.

—Sherry Martin,
Cordova, Illinois

You think you’re at a Ritz-Carlton, you seriously get that level of treatment and amenities. Nobody in Manitoba can compete with Aikens for the quality of the fishing, staff, and facilities.

—Steve Andersen,
Lincoln, Nebraska

Trip number five and once again Aikens Lake out did itself. I thought it impossible for this wonderful place to get any better.

—Kris King,
NHL Senior VP of Hockey Operations, 14 year NHL player and captain, and Aikens Lake Honorary Pro Staff Guide

From the accommodations, to the staff and especially shore lunch, the entire experience at Aikens Lake is unmatched.

—Dan Quayle,
Former United States Vice-President

The photos are amazing and like the memories, they will last a lifetime.

—Boomer Esiason,
Former NFL MVP Quarterback, TV Commentator, and Founder of the Boomer Esiason Foundation (against cystic fibrosis)